Recipe Box

AHS members have a wide variety of herbal interests; however, members are known for the especially tasty food they provide at the general meetings.  This page contains some recipes enjoyed at the Soup Social and Culinary Group meetings.

Dad's vegetable beef
Greek lentil (vegetarian)
Pea with dill
Sausage and bean
Creamy herb
Tuscan bean and swiss chard
Ginger tumeric carrot
Italian sausage
Lemon artichoke
Parsnip with coriander
Susan's avacado soup

Blueberries, goat cheese, and mint
Jicama orange salad
Cherry tomato, melon, and mint salad

Cabbage and spinach salad with thyme vinaigrette
Kale salad with cranberry almond vinaigrette
Etymology and history
Ham and white bean salad
The ice queen
Basil oil
Orzo salad
Zesty quinoa salad
Selected references
Salad and vinaigrette
Roasted beet and quinoa salad
Middle Eastern carrot salad
Zucchini noodle salad
Cauliflower "potato" salad

Rosemary chicken salad
Moroccan beet and carrot salad
Tomato avacado salad

Sweet potato bread
Rosemary-Parmesan shortbread
Gouda-dill gougeres (gluten-free)
Brown butter soda bread
Paleo morning glory muffins

Vegetarian Pantry Recipes
Vegetable lasagna casserole
Mary's gone crackers
Orange glazed tempeh
Raw artichoke dip
No-egg salad
Shaved raw asparagus

Rosemary cream cheese cookies
Lemon thyme cupcakes
Brownies with cinnamon & cayenne (gluten-free)
Oatmeal chocolate chip nut cookies (eggless)
Martha Stewart pine-nut cookies
Chai, chia seed pudding
Chocolate tofu pudding
The best Meyer lemon cake
Cookie white chocolate gingerbread
Strawberry pie
Fruit cobbler
Roasted Peaches

Sorrel sauce
Roasted garlic flan
Shrimp in mojo de ajo

Herbal Liquors
Recipes for herbal drinkables


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Provide education and encourage the cultivation and use of herbs for their beneficial purposes: medicinal, culinary, aromatic, as well as landscaping. Provide charitable and volunteer support to our non-profit community and community projects.

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