2014 Austin Herb Society Spring Seminar

February 22, 2014

Zilker Garden Center
All About Herbs 2014: Ready, Set, Grow Your Own Herbs!

We want to thank our speakers for generously giving their time to speak at the seminar.  Thank you to Cindy Burrows, Valkyrie Lang and Maridel Martinez.  Cindy Burrows spoke about the Kitchen Medicine Cabinet. Cindy explained that herbs are not just for eating. There are many health benefits. Valkyrie Lang's Essential Oils First Aid Kit reminds us that it is possible to treat a wide range of health concerns with essential oils. From headache to fever can be treated safely and naturally at home. Maridel Martinez provided historical background on the Yaupon plant and brought samples of Yaupon tea.

A BIG thank you to the members that provided presentations and displays:
  • - Best herbs for Austin Gabriel Valley Farms
  • - Selecting soil and compost Ann Chorley/Judith Craft
  • - Companion planting for the Austin area Ann
      Chorley/Judith Craft
  • - Medicinal uses of culinary herbs Cindy Burrows
  • - Irrigation & water conservation Master Gardeners
  • - Gardening in a drought Master Gardeners
  • - Cooking with herbs: fresh vs. dried Norise
      Jastillana/Barbara Boering
  • - Herbs for the immune system Lucinda Rudin/Ellen
  • - Skin care recipes Susan Norwood
  • - Creating a fairy garden Roberta Showerman/John Fine
  • - Video - Climate Reality Project Andrea Million
  • - Essential Oils First Aid Kit Valkyrie Lang
  • - Books, markers, bags Pam Bell
  • - Tasty treats Gail Smith and the Food Wranglers


Zilker Botanical Garden
2220 Barton Spgs Rd.
Austin, TX 78746

Mission Statement

Provide education and encourage the cultivation and use of herbs for their beneficial purposes: medicinal, culinary, aromatic, as well as landscaping. Provide charitable and volunteer support to our non-profit community and community projects.

The Austin Herb Society, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) member- supported, nonprofit operating under the umbrella of the Austin Area Garden Council.